m2 / medical school

dishonest flooring

Things the vacuum cleaner doesn’t pick up from carpet:

  1. salt from the roads
  2. clumps of dog hair
  3. clumps of my hair
  4. minuscule pieces of rubber from the indoor soccer fields

At least wood floors are HONEST. Even if I spend the rest of my life in Michigan, this godforsaken state that seems to be trying to bring back the ice age, I will always have wooden floors. I have never detest carpet so much as when I’m on my hands and knees clawing at the carpet with the little hand held bit of the vacuum that no one should ever have to use.

Yes, I am probably taking out my STEP1 anxiety on the carpet. At least it’s productive.

On the other hand, the dog is not a fan of her new haircut. I feel like we traded her in for a different dog.





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